Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How would Prop 19 affect college students?

College students should be particularly wary of prop. 19.
It takes a very common and currently non-arrestable offense--sharing a joint in a mixed group of adults, some above age 21, and some under age 21--and turns it into an arrestable offense:

Any adult 21 or over who passes a joint to another adult age 18-20 will face 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine if prop. 19 passes. (The current penalty is only a $100 fine.) Since gov. schwarzenegger just signed a bill downgrading possession of 1 oz from a misdemeanor to a mere civil infraction (like driving above the speed limit)--which carries with it no criminal-record stigma--right now, students no longer have to face losing their financial aid if they're caught with an ounce. however, prop. 19 creates a new misdemeanor aimed directly at students:

If prop. 19 passes, STUDENTS 21 AND OVER WILL FACE 6 MONTHS IN JAIL AND A $1,000 FINE FOR THE "CRIME" OF PASSING A JOINT TO ANOTHER ADULT AGE 20--a misdemeanor which will cause them to lose their financial aid and benefits from other government programs. so, especially for students, a vote for prop. 19 is a vote to make yourself a criminal. Do the authors of prop. 19 think that students are too stoned to notice?

Prop. 19 is not sensible drug policy. We all want to legalize, but will you vote to make yourself a criminal under legalization? let's vote in a legalization initiative worthy of the name.

VOTE NO on 19!

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